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Hearts behind the "Heartwork" of CGI

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Meet the Grace Squad

Board of Directors

Ebony Washington,
Shalandria Elliot, Erica Washington, 

Advisory Board

Ebony Washington, Shalandria Elliot,
Erica Washington,  Shadarra James,  Shon Brown, Tonya Monroe, and   Demetra Bradley

Core  &  Event Volunteers

Collectively, have 20 amazing volunteer members devoted to supporting the mission and vision
of Chasing Grace Inc.

Join the Squad

Every organization requires  those who are devoted to the cause. As a group of like-minded individuals,  we are all delighted that God has graced us with opportunity to be 'light workers' for His kingdom, whether it be planning, prepping, or praying. We understand that our community needs resources, as well as, a solid platform to build, uplift, and inspire others to walk in their God-given purpose! If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member of the core team please let us know. 



I am Ebony Washington, CEO and Founder of Chasing Grace.  I am  native to Dallas Texas where I grew up in the Pleasant Grove area. In 2003,  graduated Salutatorian of my class from H.Grady Spruce High School and went on to obtain my Bachelors in Health and Masters in Education at Texas Women’s University. I am currently working on my Masters in Library Science. Outside of my  desire to be educated, I love helping others,  and I am determined to serve at all cause. My sincerest passion is to ensure women and girls understand the power of a true relationship with God. 

My Dream...

Even as a young lady, I had dreams of owning and operating a nonprofit for this specific purpose! In October of 2017, my dream became reality. I was able to began Chasing Grace, a nonprofit organization and ministry, devoted to educating and educating women and young girls on the importance of knowing and sharing Love, service, God, and Grace! 

My aspirations include public speaking, book writing/journaling, community service events, and hosting trainings and workshops.   


My Reality...

Today, I am on a mission to continue spreading the Word and love of God, and I am devoted and passionate to being a faithful servant to God’s people. Chasing Grace Inc. has successfully helped hundreds of individuals through service, gifts, workshops, and trainings. We are so blessed and grateful for these humble beginnings,and we are certain this is only the start of greatness!


Personal Mission Statement:

Share God.

Serve People.

Show Grace.


 I am Chasing Grace!

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